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=Western Maryland Railway=

Baltimore & Hanover Railroad- Don Huber Photos and Descriptions

March 2003

Hokes Pennsylvania March 16, 2003.

Glenville Pennsylvania. You can still see some of the lettering saying Glennville Station above the arch.

Lineboro March 16, 2003.

CSX crossing in Lineboro. March 16, 2003 at 4:15 PM. I got lucky. I was coming back from Brodbeck and stopped in Lineboro to look around. I was starting to leave when I heard the horn. I hopped out of my truck and ran towards Main St to get the picture. I'm sure the folks hanging about thought I was nuts.

Glyndon July 26, 2003.

Note the old stove pipe towards the back of the big shed. I didn't venture to look inside I didn't know what I would find. They city gets closer to Glyndon all the time because of all the new developments going up and as a result..........

Emory Grove July 26, 2003.

The cars sitting on the track are in Glyndon north of the station and just past the bridge.

Arcadia- Upperco July 26, 2003.

The white building is the old station at Arcadia which is now the PO.
The white building is the old station at Arcadia which is now the PO.

Millers Station Maryland. Top photo shows former station now a residence. Middle photo is from the south of town at milemarker 34.

York 2003 Ma & Pa Muddy Ck. Hanover Porters
Spring Grove B&H York PA 2001 Bachman Valley

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D796 K942

From The Bull Sheet
CSXT Freight Schedules
D796 (MON-FRI)
Station ArrivalDeparture Additional Information
. . .. UPDATED 6/7/02
. . ..  
YORK ROAD PA 09400950 1 mile approx
PORTERS PA 10051020 3 miles approx
LINEBORO MD 10501100 10 miles approx
HAMPSTEAD MD 11201130 10 miles approx
WOODENSBURG MD ----1145 7 miles approx
EMORY GROVE MD 11551205 2 miles approx
OWINGS MILLS MD 12401340 5 miles approx
LEHIGH YD MD ----1410 17 miles approx
ARLINGTON MD 14301450 1 mile approx
WALBRIDGE MD 15001510 1 mile approx
CURTIS BAY MD 15301645 8 miles approx
WALBRIDGE MD 17301745 8 miles approx
ARLINGTON MD ----1755 1 mile approx
LEHIGH YD MD 18001815 1 mile approx
OWINGS MILLS MD 18501900 17 miles approx
EMORY GROVE MD 19151925 5 miles approx
PORTERS PA ----2030 29 miles approx
BITTINGER PA ----2050 8 miles approx
BERLIN JCT PA ----2120 2 miles approx
NEW OXFORD PA 21352150 3 miles approx
GULDENS PA ----2210 5 miles approx
GETTYSBURG PA ----2230 5 miles approx
ORRTANNA PA -------- 7 miles approx
GLADHILL PA -------- 11 miles approx
HANOVER PA 2359---- 36 miles approx
Comments: Hanover Local
Assignment subject to change
Hanover Local
Local freight
Baltimore Division
Times updated 6/7/02

CSXT Freight Schedules
Station ArrivalDeparture Additional Information
. . .. K942
. . ..  
BITTINGER PA 23302345  
FULTON YD MD 02450315  
WESTPORT MD 03450400  
HANOVER PA 0700----  
Comments: Loaded Rock Runner
Assignment subject to change
Times are examples
Loaded Rock Runner