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Fulton County Pennsylvania

David W. Cathell 2006

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Fulton County Pennsylvania supposedly was the only county in Pennsylvania without a railroad. Rail historians delight in pointing out that Fulton County actually had five railroads, four of which operated. In a real sense, however, Fulton County weathered the entire railroad age without a regular common carrier railroad serving any substantial portion of its mountains and valleys. In the age where highways were at best suited for part time travel by horse and wagon, the lack of a railroad was a sure route to obscurity. Yet, Fulton County survived and in many ways thrived. And, for a county with the reputation for no railroads, it is rich in railroad history. Fulton County, it can be surmised, missed the railroad revolution by a combination of extreme topography and a little bad luck.
Brief History and Geography
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Early Surveys
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Logging Railroads
Reichley Brothers-Wells Tannery Harrison Kalbach-Cowans Gap McKelvey Brothers-Blacklog Mountain

The South Pennsylvania Railroad
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Other Fulton County Railroutes
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